dbounce-simple-safecat(1) store double-bounced email messages into a Maildir


[-a addr ] [-d dir ] [-i queueid ] [-t type ] -f msg


The utility reads an email message file from the local MTA's queue directory and invokes the safecat(1) utility to store it into a Maildir-format directory for the administrator's perusal. It is intended to be used as a double-bounce handler by mail transfer agents such as dma(8) (when dma's DBOUNCEPROG configuration setting is specified).

The utility accepts the following command-line options; only -f is mandatory:

-a addr
The recipient of the bounce message.
-d dir
The bounce directory, /var/spool/mail/dma-bounces by default.
-f msg
The full path to the bounced message to process.
-i queueid
The ID of the bounce message in the local MTA's queue.
-t type
The MTA type, currently unused.


Copy a message from the local dma(8) queue into the default double-bounce Maildir:

dbounce-simple-safecat -a [email protected] -i 40c1b8.882e250 -t dma -f /var/spool/dma/40c1b8.882e250

A minimal execution with only the mandatory parameters:

dbounce-simple-safecat -f /var/spool/dma/40c1b8.882e250

Explicitly specify the destination directory:

dbounce-simple-safecat -d /root/bounces -f /var/spool/dma/40c1b8.882e250


Ex -std


The utility was written by Peter Pentchev in 2009.


An Peter Pentchev Aq [email protected]


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