dcfujiturn/dcfujiturn16(1) Alternative rotation for dcraw processed images


dcraw -c -j dscf0000.raf | dcfujiturn > dscf0000.ppm
dcraw -c -j -4 dscf0000.raf | dcfujiturn16 > dscf0000.ppm


UNIX filter to correct the 45-degree rotation in images from Fuji digital cameras.
Some Fuji digital cameras have a unique CCD sensor placed at a 45 degree angle. The raw output for this sensor is rotated relative to other camera brands. dcfujiturn and dcfujiturn16 provide an alternative to the automatic rotation present in dcraw producing a larger resolution image.

dcfujiturn16 works on 16 bit linear ppm data if you are using dcraw -4 to generate your output


Written by Steve King for debian.