dcm2nii(1) convert DICOM or PAR/REC image into the NIfTI format


dcm2nii <options> <sourcenames>


-a Anonymize [remove identifying information]: Y,N = Y
-b load settings from specified inifile, e.g. '-b /etc/mricron.ini'
-c Collapse input folders: Y,N = N
-d Date in filename [filename.dcm -> 20061230122032.nii]: Y,N = Y
-e events (series/acq) in filename [filename.dcm -> s002a003.nii]: Y,N = Y
-f Source filename [e.g. filename.par -> filename.nii]: Y,N = Y
-g gzip output, filename.nii.gz [ignored if '-n n']: Y,N = Y
-i ID in filename [filename.dcm -> johndoe.nii]: Y,N = Y
-n output .nii file [if no, create .hdr/.img pair]: Y,N = Y
-o Output Directory, e.g. '/tmp' (if unspecified, source directory is used)
-p Protocol in filename [filename.dcm -> TFE_T1.nii]: Y,N = Y
-r Reorient image to nearest orthogonal: Y,N
-s SPM2/Analyze not SPM5/NIfTI [ignored if '-n y']: Y,N = N
-v Convert every image in the directory: Y,N = Y
-x Reorient and crop 3D NIfTI images: Y,N = N

You can also set defaults by editing /home/michael/.dcm2nii/dcm2nii.ini


dcm2nii -a y /home/joe/Documents/dcm/IM_0116


dcm2nii was written by Chris Rorden.

This manual page was written by Michael Hanke <[email protected]>, for the Debian project (but may be used by others).