dcraw2hdrgen(1) Parse information in given Digital Camera RAW files and output a


dcraw2hdrgen <file1.cr2> [<file2.cr2>...]


This program can be used to automatically create an hdrgen script for use with software creating HDR images. The exposure information is extracted from RAW files using the `dcraw` tool.

If this script doesn't recognise the exposure settings from the images taken by your camera, please verify if dcraw supports your camera: `dcraw -i -v your_image.cr2`. You should see a detailed information on shot settings including exposure time. Maybe compiling the newest version will help.


dcraw2hdrgen IMG_0001.CR2 IMG_0002.CR2 IMG_0003.CR2 > sample.hdrgen

Creates a sample.hdrgen script for given images.


Please report bugs and comments on implementation to Grzegorz Krawczyk <[email protected]>.