debiandoc-tidy(1) Script to normalize debiandoc-sgml files


debiandoc-tidy [ -hvke ] [ file ]


debiandoc-tidy prepares SGML files for the conversion to XML. It capitalizes reserved sgml words and normalises entity references. It can add an encoding attribute to the xml declaration in ".ent" files.

This script is related to and must be run before debiandoc2dbxml.


Print a help message.
Print the version number.
Keep intermediate files for debugging.
Set the encoding in xml declaration. If you have a main sgml file that calls ".ent" files, you may add a ligne "<?xml version="1.0" encoding="'$encoding'"?>" in front of these files.


This page was written by Philippe Batailler <[email protected]>. April 2003.