debsigs-installer(1) process signatures in .deb packages


debsigs-installer file [file...]


debsigs-installer is designed to be called in an automated fashion from an installer. It is given one or more files on the command line. For each file, it will apply the origin signature and make sure that the resulting package verifies (it will fail to verify if it is missing one of the other required signatures). It will try its best to do either an all or nothing approach; that is, if there is a problem with any .deb, all of them will be unmodified and error code is returned. It can assure this for all except system call failures (can't copy files, etc.) If success is returned, all files should be assumed to have succeeded. If failure is returned, all files should be assumed to have failed.




This program isn't finished yet. It uses hard-coded values for the key ID, key type (see debsigs(1)), keyring file, and temporary directory.


John Goerzen <[email protected]>