debug::caller(3) caller


package require Tcl 8.5

package require debug::caller ?1.1?

debug caller ?args...?



debug caller ?args...?
This method is useful in a tag-specific prefix to automatically provide caller information for all uses of the tag. Or in a message, when only specific places need such detail.

Beyond that it recognizing the various internal forms of method calls generated by the snit OO system and rewrites these to their original form, for better readability. Similarly for TclOO.

If args are specified then they are treated as the integer indices of command arguments to not show in the output. The referenced arguments are replaced by * instead. The main anticipiated use case for this is the exclusion of arguments expected to contain large Tcl values, i.e. long lists, large dictionaries, etc. to prevent them from overwhelming the narrative.


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debugging, tracing, and logging


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