devdiscover(8) Performs SNMP discovery and generates Torrus XML


torrus devdiscover [--in=XMLFILE] [options...] [XMLFILES]


devdiscover performs SNMP discovery using the XMLFILE for the discovery instructions. It generates a corresponding Torrus XML configuration file. See Torrus SNMP Discovery User Guide for details.

The generic input file, or device discovery XML (DDX), may be generated by the genddx utility, and then edited and maintained manually. Multiple input files may be specified by several instances of --in option, or simply as arguments.

Input file name is searched in the current directory, and then in /etc/torrus/discovery/.


Creates "data-dir" directories.
Limits the discovery to the output files matching the regular expression REGEXP.
With this option enabled, "devdiscover" will write the bundle file even if some of the bundle members were not created because of errors.
Requires --forcebundle. In case if an SNMP device is not available, the bundle file will include an older version of the XML output file, provided that it exists and it is not older than the specified number of days.
If the threads are enabled in the local Perl, this option determins how many parallel discovery threads are to be executed. The discovery jobs are distributed per output files, thus it makes sence to use threads only when there are many output files defined in a single DDX file.
Prints extra information.
Prints debugging information.
Prints SNMP protocol details


devdiscover site configuration file.


See Torrus SNMP Discovery User Guide for more details at Torrus home page:


Stanislav Sinyagin <[email protected]>