Devel::Cover::Report::Html_minimal(3) HTML backend for Devel::Cover


version 1.23


cover -report html_minimal


This module provides a HTML reporting mechanism for coverage data. It is designed to be called from the "cover" program.

Based on an original by Paul Johnson, the output was greatly improved by Michael Carman ([email protected]).


Options are specified by adding the appropriate flags to the "cover" program. This report format supports the following:
Specifies the filename of the main output file. The default is coverage.html. Specify index.html if you just want to publish the whole directory.
Includes POD (and blank lines) in the file report. This is on by default. It may be turned off with -nopod.
Includes text after the "__DATA__" or "__END__" tokens in the file report. By default, this text is trimmed.

Note: If your POD is after an "__END__", you have to specify 'data' to include it, not 'pod'. The 'pod' option only applies to POD before the "__END__".

Generates a ``unified'' report for each file. The detailed data that normally appears in the auxiliary reports (branch, condition, etc.) are placed in the file report, and the auxiliary reports are not generated.
Specify the title of the summary. The default is ``Coverage Summary''.


Copyright 2001-2016, Paul Johnson ([email protected])

This software is free. It is licensed under the same terms as Perl itself.

The latest version of this software should be available from my homepage: