Devel::REPL::Plugin::Nopaste(3) #nopaste to upload session's input and output


version 1.003028


This module provides these commands to your Devel::REPL shell:


The "#nopaste" sends a transcript of your session to a nopaste site.


The "#pastetitle" command allows you to set the title of the paste on the nopaste site. For example:

"#pastetitle example of some code"

defaults to 'Devel::REPL session'.



The format sent to the nopaste server can be adjusted with the "nopaste_format" option. By default, the output of each perl statement is commented out, and the perl statements themselves are not. This can be reversed by setting the "nopaste_format" attribute to "comment_code" like this in your file:

"$_REPL->nopaste_format( 'comment_code' );"

The default of commenting out the output would be set like this:

"$_REPL->nopaste_format( 'comment_output' );"

These options can be set during a Devel::REPL session, but only affect the future parts of the session, not the past parts.


Andrew Moore - "<[email protected]>"


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Shawn M Moore, "<sartak at gmail dot com>"


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