Device::Modem::Log::File(3) Text files logging plugin for Device::Modem class


use Device::Modem;
my $box = Device::Modem->new( log => 'file', ... );
my $box = Device::Modem->new( log => 'file,name=/tmp/mymodem.log', ... );


This is meant for an example log class to be hooked to "Device::Modem" to provide one's favourite logging mechanism. You just have to implement your own "new()", "write()" and "close()" methods.

Default text file is "/tmp/modem.log". On Windows platforms, this goes into "%TEMP%/modem.log" or "%TMP%/modem.log", whichever is defined. By default, if the folder of the log file does not exist, it is created.

This class is loaded automatically by "Device::Modem" class when an object is instantiated, and it is the default logging mechanism for "Device::Modem" class.

Normally, you should not need to use this class directly, because there are many other zillions of modules that do logging better than this.

Also, it should be pondered whether to replace "Device::Modem::Log::File" and mates with those better classes in a somewhat distant future.






Cosimo Streppone, [email protected]


(C) 2002 Cosimo Streppone, <[email protected]>

This library is free software; you can only redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.