DFI(1) The Deferred Frequency Index


dfi [OPTION]... --minmax <min_1> <max_1> <database 1> ... --minmax <min_m> <max_m> <database m>


DFI - The Deferred Frequency Index
dfi [OPTION]... --growth <rho_s> <rho_g> <database 1> <database 2>
dfi [OPTION]... --entropy <rho_s> <alpha> <database 1> <database 2> ... <database m>
-h, --help
displays this help message
-V, --version
print version information
-f, --minmax NUM1 NUM2
solve Frequent Pattern Mining Problem
-g, --growth NUM1 NUM2
solve Emerging Substring Mining Problem
-e, --entropy NUM1 NUM2
solve Entropy Mining Problem
-p, --protein
use AminoAcid alphabet (for proteomes)
-d, --dna
use DNA alphabet (for genomes)
-m, --maximal
output only left and right maximal substrings The default is byte alphabet


dfi was written by David Weese and Marcel H. Schulz.

This manual page was generated using html2man and polished by Soeren Sonnenburg <[email protected]>, for the Debian project (but may be used by others).