dh_gentdeb(1) build debian TDeb translation packages


dh_gentdeb [debhelperĀ options]


dh_gentdeb prepares localisation content for a debian Tdeb package.

Only the -p debhelper option is handled by dh_gentdeb.


dh_gentdeb is a debhelper add-on created by Emdebian to create translation packages (tdebs). dh_gentdeb is intended to separate out the individual translation files from the current Debian packages into packages without any translation files and a single TDeb package, one per source package.

If a second tdeb is supported by one source package, the $srcpackage-tdeb package must contain any debconf templates used by any of the binary packages. The second tdeb is then used for translations of optional content.

Once a package uses dh_gentdeb, translation files must be removed from all packages in the normal build. This includes all translated manpages and other translated content. Original, untranslated, content should remain.

dh_gentdeb runs as a part of the normal package build - simply add the call to the binary-indep target of debian/rules, usually after dh_install and before dh_builddeb. dh_gentdeb handles locating the relevant files, a .install file is not normally necessary.

Support for a tdeb diff1.gz will be added as dh_gentdeb develops. The extra diff is used by translators to build updated or new tdeb packages. Tdeb packages depend on the source:Version of the mainpackage but no packages may depend upon the tdeb. (Not even other TDebs). The mainpackage can be specified using the -p option.

Use of diff1.gz should remove the need to create a customised source with a debian/rules stub etc. by allowing Emdebian TDebs to be created during an Emdebian build and Debian TDebs in a Debian build. Translators would then be able to use:


The default action is to process all available po files and all identifiable translated content.


Neil Williams <[email protected]>

Copyright and Licence

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