dh_gtkmodules(1) create Gtk module files for Gtk modules


dh_gtkmodules [debhelperĀ options]


dh_gtkmodules is a debhelper program that handles correctly generating a dependency on the versionned Gtk+ module ABI and indexes for GdkPixbuf loaders and IM modules that it finds in the Gtk+ module directories.

This command automatically adds a ``<package>.loaders'' file to the current package with the package name or ``<package>.immodules'' if it finds any GdkPixbuf loaders or IM modules.

If this command finds the versionned standard module directory in the current package, it will generate a dependency on the earliest Gtk version that Gtk currently has compatibility for in ${misc:Depends} (``binary version'').


Do not generate any dependencies in ${misc:Depends}.


Loic Minier <[email protected]>