dh_installdirs(1) create subdirectories in package build directories


dh_installdirs [debhelper options] [-A] [dir ...]


dh_installdirs is a debhelper program that is responsible for creating subdirectories in package build directories.

Many packages can get away with omitting the call to dh_installdirs completely. Notably, other dh_* commands are expected to create directories as needed.


Lists directories to be created in package.

Generally, there is no need to list directories created by the upstream build system or directories needed by other debhelper commands.


-A, --all
Create any directories specified by command line parameters in ALL packages acted on, not just the first.
dir ...
Create these directories in the package build directory of the first package acted on. (Or in all packages if -A is specified.)


Joey Hess <[email protected]>