dh_installyorick(1) install Yorick add-on packages


dh_installyorick is a debhelper program that installs the files of your Yorick add-on at the right place when building a Debian package. For a simple plug-in package, this is mostly done by calling "make DESTDIR=debian/<package> install" and then moving arch-independent files to usr/share. Note that there is no Y_SITE/contrib directory in the Debian packages, its content is merged into YSITE/i.

Calling "make ... install" can be disabled by using the "--no-make-install" flag. This is useful in particular for interpreted add-on packages, which do not ship with a standard Yorick Makefile.

If the "-m" flag is used (but not the "-n" one), dh_installyorick will also add lines to your package's postinst and postrm scripts to call "update-yorickdoc --auto" if the yorick-doc package is installed. It is necessary to call dh_installdeb after dh_installyorick for this to work. It is usually not necessary with a recent dpkg supporting triggers, so this possibility is kept mostly for easing backports and should be deprecated soon.

dh_installyorick will look for a file named debian/<package>.ynstall for additional files to install (see YNSTALL FILE below). The prefix "<package>." can be omitted for the main binary package being built (usually the first one listed in debian/control).

For the time being, Y_SITE=Y_HOME=/usr/lib/yorick. Requests to install a file under Y_SITE results in its installation under /usr/share/yorick. dh_installyorick handles the creation of the necessary symbolic links from Y_HOME to /usr/share/yorick.

Files that are installed in a directory ending in "/bin" or "/sbin", as well as files that are pointed at by symbolic link in such a directory, are installed with execution permission for everyone.