dh_sphinxdoc(1) helps with packaging Sphinx-generated documentation


dh_sphinxdoc [debhelperĀ options] [-Xitem] [directory...]


dh_sphinxdoc is a debhelper program that prepares Sphinx-generated documentation for inclusion in a Debian package. More specifically:
  • It checks if all the files referenced by searchindex.js exist.
  • It replaces known *.js files with symlinks to /usr/share/javascript/sphinxdoc/ and generates ${sphinxdoc:Depends} substitution variable.
  • It removes the .doctrees directory.
  • It removes the .buildinfo file.
  • It removes the websupport.js file.


By default, dh_sphinxdoc scans your package looking for directories looking like they contain Sphinx-generated documentation. However, if you explicitly provide one or more directories, only they will be processed.
-Xitem, --exclude=item
Exclude files that contain item anywhere in their filename from being symlinked, removed or checked for existence.


Symlinking translations.js and non-English searchtools.js is not supported.


Jakub Wilk <[email protected]>