dh_ucf(1) register configuration files with ucf


dh_ucf [debhelperĀ options] [-n]


dh_ucf is a debhelper program that is responsible for generating the postinst and postrm commands that register files with ucf(1) and ucfr(1).


List pairs of source and destination files to register with ucf. Each pair should be put on its own line, with the source and destination separated by whitespace. Both source and destination must be absolute paths. The source should be a file that is provided by your package, typically in /usr/share/, while the destination is typically a file in /etc/.

A dependency on ucf will be generated in ${misc:Depends}.


-n, --noscripts
Do not modify postinst/postrm scripts. Turns this command into a no-op.


Note that this command is not idempotent. dh_prep(1) should be called between invocations of this command. Otherwise, it may cause multiple instances of the same text to be added to maintainer scripts.


Joey Hess <[email protected]> Jeroen Schot <[email protected]>