dh_vdrplugin_enable(1) enables plugin loading in /etc/vdr/conf.d


dh_vdrplugin_enable [debhelperĀ options]


dh_vdrplugin_enable is a debhelper program that is responsible for generating the symlinks in /etc/vdr/conf.d which vdr parses to load its plugins.

By default all config files a package provides in /etc/vdr/conf.avail will be linked to /etc/vdr/conf.d/50-<plugin>.conf. For all plugins in /usr/lib/vdr/plugins which do not have an explicit config, a default config file will be created with the appropriate symlink in /etc/vdr/conf.d/.

If a debian/<package>.vdrargs file is specified only the config files listed there will be installed/symlinked.


Lists config files to be installed to /etc/vdr/conf.avail/ and linked to /etc/vdr/conf.d/. By default symlinks will be created as 50-<config.conf>. You can change the default priority of 50 by adding it after the config file separated by whitespace.

If the priority is set to DISABLED, the config file will be installed to /etc/vdr/conf.avail/ but not linked to /etc/conf.d/.


dh_vdrplugin is usually called indirectly in a rules file via the dh command.

                dh --with vdrplugin $@

It can also be called directly, prior to calling dh_gencontrol.


Debian policy, version 3.8.1


Tobias Grimm <[email protected]>