dh_xulrunner(1) sets xulrunner dependencies


dh_xulrunner [debhelperĀ options]


dh_xulrunner is a debhelper program with two complementary features.

dh_xulrunner adds the xulrunner binary package corresponding to the installed xulrunner-dev package to the shlibs:Depends substvar. It only does so for packages containing an executable or a library that it detects as containing the XPCOM glue (please note the detection is really hackish and error prone, though most likely accurate in most cases).

For this feature, dh_xulrunner must be run after dh_shlibdeps, and requires a build dependency on xulrunner-dev (>=

dh_xulrunner also gathers MIME types information from NPAPI plugins it can find in the /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins directory in packages. The gathered information is stored in the npapi:Mimetypes substvar.

For this feature, dh_xulrunner requires a build dependency on xulrunner-dev (>= | xulrunner-dev (>= 3.6.8-3~).

You can also use the xulrunner dh sequence addon to integrate in a dh workflow:

        dh --with xulrunner $@


Mike Hommey <[email protected]>