dibbler-server(8) a portable DHCPv6 server


dibbler-server is a portable implementation of the DHCPv6 server. It supports both stateful (i.e. IPv6 address granting) and stateless (i.e. options granting) autoconfiguration. There are ports available for Linux 2.4/2.6 systems as well as MS Windows XP and 2003. They are freely available under GNU GPL version 2 (or later) license.


dibbler-server [ run | start | stop | status | install | uninstall ]


run - starts server in the console. Server can be closed using ctrl-c.

start - starts server in daemon mode.

stop - stops running server.

status - shows status of the server.

install - installs server as a service. This is not implemented yet.

uninstall - uninstall server service. This is not implemented yet.


Let's assume simple case: server should provide clients located on the eth1 link with IPv6 addresses from range 2000::100/120 and should have preference set to 7:

iface eth0
  preference 7
    pool 2000::100-2000::1ff

Here is exmaple of server configured to work in a stateless mode (i.e. only options, not addresses are served). If client support option renewal, it should do so once in a 500 seconds:

log-level 7
log-mode short
iface eth0 {
  option dns-server 2000::100,2000::101
  option domain example.com, test1.example.com
  option ntp-server 2000::200,2000::201,2000::202
  option time-zone  CET
  option sip-server 2000::300,2000::302,2000::303,2000::304
  option sip-domain sip1.example.com,sip2.example.com
  option nis-server 2000::400,2000::401,2000::404,2000::405,2000::405
  option nis-domain nis.example.com
  option nis+-server 2000::501,2000::502
  option nis+-domain nisplus.example.com
  option lifetime 500

More examples can be found in the User's Guide.


All files are created in the /var/lib/dibbler directory. Dibbler server reads /var/lib/dibbler/server.conf file. During operation, Dibbler saves various file in that directory. Log file is named client.log.


This implementation aims at conformance to the following standards:

RFC 3315 DHCP for IPv6

RFC 3319 SIP options for DHCPv6

RFC 3646 DNS server options for DHCPv6

RFC 3736 Stateless DHCPv6

RFC 3898 NIS options for DHCPv6

Also options specified in following drafts are implemented:

draft-ietf-dhc-dhcpv6-opt-timeconfig-03.txt NTP and timezone options.

draft-ietf-dhc-dhcpv6-opt-lifetime-00.txt Option renewal.


Bugs are tracked with bugzilla, available at http://klub.com.pl/bugzilla/. If you belive you have found a bug, don't hesitate to report it.


Dibbler was developed as master thesis on the Technical University of Gdansk by Tomasz Mrugalski and Marek Senderski. Currently Marek has not enough free time, so this project is being developed by Tomasz Mrugalski. Authors can be reached at [email protected] and [email protected]