dipole(1) Yagi-Uda project file. Computez Z of a dipole


yagi [ - dhps ] filename


The program dipole is one of a number of executable programs that forms part of a set of programs, collectively known as the Yagi-Uda project , which were designed for analysis and optimisation of Yagi-Uda antennas. dipole Was added to find the impedance of just a single dipole.


Only UNIX versions have been produced. I can't be bothered with brain-dead operating systems like Windoze.


Bugs should be reported to [email protected]. Bugs tend actually to be fixed if they can be isolated, so it is in your interest to report them in such a way that they can be easily reproduced. If the input file is edited manually and done incorrectly, there can be unpredictable results.


Dr. David Kirkby G8WRB ([email protected]), with help with converting to DOS from Dr. Joe Mack NA3T ([email protected]).