dizzy(1) a graphics demo that makes you dizzy using rotating textures


dizzy [-f|-w width -h height] [-t switch_module] [-T options]


dizzy is a graphics demo that rotates planes of patterns on a colored background to make you dizzy. Textures can be cross-faded and there is a mode that automatically changes textures, allowing Dizzy to be run as a screensaver.


-w width
--width width
-h height
--height height
Sets the window width and height.
Attempts to switch into a true fullscreen mode, if possible. The window size parameters are ignored.
--automode time
Automatically switches textures after a specified number of seconds has passed. time can be fractional and the decimal separator is always the period.
-t module
--texswitcher module
Selects the texture switching module to use. Default is Simple.

See below for available texture switchers and their descriptions.

-T option=value
--texswitcher-options option=value
Passes an option option with the value value to the selected texture switcher. The available options depend on the texture switcher used.

This option can be given multiple times to set multiple options.

-r resolution
--texture-resolution resolution
Changes the texture resolution. resolution must be a power of two. The default value is 64.
-s scale
--texture-scale scale
Changes the texture scale factor, which is 50 by default, to scale. Smaller numbers result in larger boxes drawn on-screen, larger numbers draw smaller boxes.
Zooms out of the normal view so you can see how Dizzy creates the animation.
Display some messages not only on standard output, but also in the GL window.



A simple texture switcher. It just sets the new texture when it is told to do so. It takes no options.


A texture switcher that crossfades between textures to generate a smooth transition. It takes one option:
Sets the duration of a blend to duration seconds. The value can be fractional (the decimal separator is always a period). The default value is 2.

Note that you have to add the time you specify here to the automode time, so if you want the transition to take two seconds and every image to stay for five seconds, you set the duration to 2 and automode to 7 (not 5).


Cursor left
Select previous available texture.
Cursor right
Select next available texture.
Exit Dizzy.