dnlogin(1) Connect as a terminal to a DECnet system


dnlogin [options] nodename
[-Vh] [-d level] [-e char]


dnlogin connects to a remote DECnet system.

This application implements the CTERM protocol over DECnet for connecting to a remote DECnet host. It expects to be run from a VT100-compatible terminal.
dnlogin is a replacement for the old "sethost" program.


-e <char>
Set the exit character. By default this is ^]. You can specify the exit character as a control character by preceding it with a circumflex eg (^A means control-A) or as a number in decimal (default), octal (starting with a zero), or hexadecimal (preceded by 0x or 0X).
-T connect timeout
Specifies the maximum amount of time the command will wait to establish a connection with the remote node. a 0 here will cause it to wait forever. The default is 60 seconds
-h -?
Displays help for using the command.
Show the version of the package that dnlogin was built with.


Connect to remote VAX host named "mv3100".

    dnlogin mv3100


The CTERM specifications available from Digital does not include how to setup VMS terminal characteristics, so the host cannot identify the capabilities of the session we are creating. The simplest workaround is to set the terminal capabilities manually upon login or including the following command in the login.com DCL procedure.