dns2tcpd(1) A tunneling tool that encapsulate TCP traffic over DNS.


dns2tcpd [ -h ] [ -F ] [ -i address ] [ -f config_file ] [ -p pidfile ] [ -d debug_level ]


dns2tcp is a network tool used to encapsulate TCP communications in DNS. When connections are received on a specific port all TCP traffic is sent to the remote dns2tcpd server and forwarded to a specific host and port. Multiple connections are supported.

It was written for demonstration purposes


Help Menu
Run in foreground
-i IP address
IP address to bind (default
-f config file
Configuration file to use
-p pidfile
File where our pid will be written
-d debug level
Change debug level. Levels available are 1, 2 or 3.


By default ${HOME}/.dns2tcprcd is used if no configuration file is specified. The resource syntax is <resource-name>:<server>:<port>. Multiple resources can be defined in multilines, but must be comma separated.

Here is an example :

listen = port = 53 user = nobody chroot = /tmp pid_file = /var/run/dns2tcp.pid domain = dns2tcp.hsc.fr debug_level = 0 resources = ssh: , smtp:, pop3:


Olivier Dembour <[email protected]>