doc_decisions_unit_testing_md(3) C++ Unit Testing Framework


The previous unit testing framework started as hack to have a bit more than simple asserts. It is not easy to use (needs explicit enumeration of all testcases) and lacks of really important features (e.g. output of the assertion that failed).


  • Must be BSD licenced
  • Must be easy to use
  • should be portable
  • container testing?
  • mocking?


Considered Alternatives

  • Continue with current framework
  • Boost Unit Testing framework


  • Google Unit testing framework with code embedded in Elektra for systems where no source is installed (Debian Wheezy, Arch Linux, Fedora,...)


  • Having the output of current values when an assertion fails in any case
  • No listing of all test cases in main (but instead having test discovery)
  • No more commenting out if you only want to run parts of the test-suite
  • No more typos in test-suite namings
  • xUnit output for jenkins
  • value and type-parameterized tests
  • Mock-Support (not available in gtest?)
  • setup/teardown global+per test
  • supports death tests
  • writing many parts of it on our own adds to the total amount of code to write and maintain.
  • integrations into IDEs


  • It adds lots of code in the repository
  • It is not ideal to have different frameworks intermixed (C vs. C++ frameworks, but most code is C)
  • In the end we have to write a lot of functionality ourselves anyway (e.g. comparing Keys and KeySets)
  • Testsuite execution are already handled by cmake and kdb run-all.
  • The selection of tests within a test suite does not play well with ctest.
  • Rewriting all current tests to have unified behaviour is a lot of work
  • Wont work for ABI compatibility tests
  • Mock only by extra framework

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