git add .
    git commit -a

BASIC Configuration

make sure to do:

    git config --global merge.ff false  
    git config merge.ff false  

Remote Branches

To list all remote branches use:

    git-branch -a

To checkout a remote branch initially use:

    git-checkout -b <branchname> origin/<branchname>

Once you have done this, it will be a local branch, too. Following remote branches should exist:


This is the development branch. Please try to not work directly on it, but instead you should use feature branches. So the only commits on master should be non-fastforward merges from features branches. Commits on master should always compile and all test cases should pass successfully. (see config option above)


Is the branch to be used to build debian packages. It additionally contains the debian folder. Only debian related commits should be on the debian branch - otherwise it should only contain --no-ff merges from master. (see config option above)

Local branches

You should always make your own feature branch with:

    git-checkout -b <feature-branch-name>

On this branch it is not so important that every commit compiles or all test cases run.

To merge a branch use (no-fastforward):

    git-merge --no-ff <branchname>

If you already did some commits, but want them in a branch, you can do:

    git-branch foo  
    git reset HEAD^^  (for 2 commits back)  
    git reset origin/master  
    git-ref-log # recover


When doing merge requests our buildserver will build authorized users. If you are not yet authorized following question will be asked (by user markus2330):

    Can one of the admins verify if this patch should be build?

Then one of the admins:

  • fberlakovich
  • manuelm
  • markus2330
  • beku need to confirm by saying: .*add+to+whitelist.* or if just the pull request should be checked: .*build+allow.* or if just a single build of the mergerequest should be started: jenkins build please or if the bindings job should be started: jenkins build bindings please

If you want any configuration changes, please contact Markus Raab [email protected]