docbook2gjots(1) Convert a DOCBOOK file to gjots format (on


docbook2gjots [ DOCBOOK-file ]


docbook2gjots converts a DOCBOOK XML file into gjots format.

docbook2gjots uses gawk(1) to perform the conversion.

<preface>, <chapter>, <section>, <sect1>, <sect2>, <sect3> and <sect4> tags are used to define NewEntry and NewFolder boundaries. They should definitely have <title> tags.

This is a quick and dirty hack using gawk(1) and does no formal checking of XML or SGML syntax nor does it validate against the DOCBOOK DTD. Consequently, if the syntax of the file is broken the conversion will probably fail.

It is intended that a round-trip can be made so that gjots(1) can be used as a tool at all stages of DOCBOOK production - mainly as an outline processor to help the author organise and order the work. A document may well start its life in gjots(1) as the initial thoughts are marshalled. As the document forms up, it can be converted to DOCBOOK with the following command which automatically adds tags such as <?xml...>, <para> etc:

gjots2docbook -b file.gjots >file.xml

docbook2pdf file.xml

Or, starting with an existing DOCBOOK file:

docbook2gjots file.xml >file.gjots

In the latter case, the document will already have a lot of DOCBOOK tags so to convert back to docbook, add the -e and -p options:

gjots2docbook -b -p -e file.gjots >file.xml

docbook2pdf file.xml


Copyright (c) 2002 Robert Hepple
This is free software; see the source for copying conditions. There is NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.