dpatch-get-origtargz(1) Obtain upstream tarball


dpatch-get-origtargz <origtardir>


This manual page documents briefly the dpatch-get-origtargz command which verifies whether there is a upstream tarball for the current work directory's source package in the directory pointed to by <origtardir>. dpatch-get-origtargz will try to find the upstream tarball using one of the following methods:
1) in the directory pointed to by the DPGO_ORIGTARDIR environment variable,
2) in all directories listed in the DPGO_ORIGTARGZPATH environment variable (colon-separated list of directories),
3) in the parent directory of the current work directory,
4) on the Debian mirror configured into apt, and
5) on the Internet, using the first URL found in debian/watch.

If not, it tries to obtain the upstream tarball from a number of possible sources: The parent directory, the apt repository configured, and finally, the internet server pointed to by debian/watch.


dpatch-get-origtargz and this manual page was written by Marc Haber <[email protected]> and modified by Stefano Zacchiroli <[email protected]>.