DPKG::Log::Analyse::Package(3) Describe a package as analysed from a dpkg.log


version 1.20


use DPKG::Log;

my $package = DPKG::Log::Analyse::Package->new('package' => 'foobar');


This module is used to analyse a dpkg log.


$package = DPKG::Log::Analyse::Package->new('package' => 'foobar')
Returns a new DPKG::Log::Analyse::Package object.
$package_name = $package->name;
Returns the name of this package.
Return or set the version of this package.
Return or set the previous version of this package.
Return or set the status of this package.
equals($package1, $package2);
print "equal" if $package1 eq $package2
Compares two packages in their string representation.
compare($package1, $package2)
print "greater" if $package1 > $package2
Compare two packages. See OVERLOADING for details on how the comparison works.
$package_str = $package->as_string
printf("Package name: %s", $package);
Return this package as a string. This will return the package name and the version (if set) in the form package_name/version. If version is not set, it will return the package name only.


This module explicitly overloads some operators. Each operand is expected to be a DPKG::Log::Analyse::Package object.

The string comparison operators, ``eq'' or ``ne'' will use the string value for the comparison.

The numerical operators will use the package name and package version for comparison. That means a package1 == package2 if package1->name equals package2->name AND package1->version == package2->version.

The module stores versions as Dpkg::Version objects, therefore sorting different versions of the same package will work.

This module also overloads stringification returning either the package name if no version is set or ``package_name/version'' if a version is set.


Patrick Schoenfeld <[email protected]>.


Copyright (C) 2011 Patrick Schoenfeld <[email protected]>

This library is free software. You can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as perl itself.