dpt-missing-upstream(1) fix missing upstream branch and/or tags


dpt missing-upstream [--skip-missing-snapshots] [--check-only]


dpt missing-upstream tries to find releases present in debian/changelog that have no corresponding tags like "upstream/x.y.z".

For each missing tag, an attempt is made to download the upstream sources from <http://snapshot.debian.org/> and then put them in version control using gbp-import-orig(1).

If the "upstream" branch is also not present, it is either created from the remote repository, or, if it is not present on the remote repository, created from scratch.

When all is done, the "upstream" branch is merged into "master". Nothing is pushed.


Only report missing tags, do not try to download sources.
If a given upstream source is not found even on <http://snapshot.debian.org>, just move on and do not abort execution.


Copyright: 2011 Damyan Ivanov [email protected]

License: Artistic | GPL-1+