dr_cdrip(1) rip audio cd's to ogg


dr_cdrip [args] < id3-tag-file


dr_cdrip sets up a cdparanoia(1) - oggenc(1) pipe for each track on your audio cd, so that the audio on your cd will be stored as .ogg files on your harddisk. args will get passed to each songs' oggenc(1) invocation.

id3-tag-file could look like this:

 Jaffa - Star 67
 Think of one - Den Antwaarpse Shabi
 Klute - Angry Woman
 Electrotwist - The Smurfer

Evil characters are discarded from the file, we don't want them to appear in filenames. If a line lacks a ' - ', the line is assumed to be a title.

Defauls setting of oggenc(1)'s --quality level is 7, override by setting the CDRIP_QUALITY environment variable.

Note: mp3's id3 tags seem to be called ``comments'' in the .ogg world.


 dj@gelfand ~$ export CDRIP_QUALITY=9
 dj@gelfand /h.../The_New_York_Contemporary_Five$ dr_cdrip \
  -l "The New York Contemporary Five" -a "Archie Shepp" \
  -c "description=Don Cherry: crnt, Archie Shepp: ts, Don \
  Moore: b, JC Moses:d" -c "genre=Jazz" -c "date=1963" \
  -c "location=Copenhagen" \
  -c "copyright=1991 Storyville Records" -c "license=All Rights Reserved" \
  -c "organization=Storyville" \
  -c "contact=http://www.storyville-records.com/" \
  -c "diskid=bd10c70d" < /tmp/songlist

See DISCID HOWTO on http://freedb.org/modules.php?name=Sections&sop=viewarticle&artid=6 for info on disk id. Beware! A diskid comment is _not_ mentioned in the xiph.org suggestions!

(oggenc's -t will be used by dr_cdrip. -a might be.)

supported extra comments are (see ogg123.c)


ARTIST is -a, ALBUM is -l TITLE is -t.

VERSION is e.g. 'Biosphere Foo Mix'. Multipe ARTIST tags can occur; this use is encouraged if applicable. -c foo will be displayed by ogg123 as 'Comment: foo'.

Run something like:

 cdcd tracks | sed 's/^.*\]\ *//' | sed 's/\ $//'

to extract a songlist from a cddb database.


The format of the songinfo input file is non-standard. Support for cddb is lacking.


This file is maintained at http://git.mdcc.cx/draai


First version written 2001-01-09. Last maintenance, as of 2007-08-22, done at 2005-12-14.


Copyright: AX 2001-2005 Joost van Baal

This program is in the public domain.


Joost van Baal <[email protected]>