drm_primary_helper_disable(9) Helper for primary plane disable


int drm_primary_helper_disable(struct drm_plane * plane);



plane to disable


Provides a default plane disable handler for primary planes. This is handler is called in response to a userspace SetPlane operation on the plane with a NULL framebuffer parameter. It unconditionally fails the disable call with -EINVAL the only way to disable the primary plane without driver support is to disable the entier CRTC. Which does not match the plane ->disable hook.

Note that some hardware may be able to disable the primary plane without disabling the whole CRTC. Drivers for such hardware should provide their own disable handler that disables just the primary plane (and they'll likely need to provide their own update handler as well to properly re-enable a disabled primary plane).


Unconditionally returns -EINVAL.


Jesse Barnes <[email protected]>
Intel Corporation,         

Initial version

Laurent Pinchart <[email protected]>
Ideas on board SPRL,         

Driver internals

Daniel Vetter <[email protected]>
Intel Corporation,         

Contributions all over the place

Lukas Wunner <[email protected]>

vga_switcheroo documentation