dspam_dump(1) produce a dump of a user's metadata


dspam_dump [--profile=PROFILE] [-d
 sqlite_drv] username [token]


dspam_dump dumps a user's metadata dictionary to stdout. This can be used to view the entire contents of a user's dictionary, or used in combination with grep to view a subset of data. The output provides the token's stored value (in CRC64 format), the number of spam and nonspam hits, and the token's computed probability.


Specify a storage profile from dspam.conf. The storage profile selected will be used for all database connectivity. See dspam.conf for more information.

The username of the user to dump. Only trusted users (or root) can use this program for the usernames different from the current one.

The text string of the token to search for and dump. If no token is specified, all tokens will be dumped to stdout.


dspam_dump user Subject*Viagra

Dumps the token Subject*Viagra, which represents the word Viagra in the Subject header, for the user specified.


Operation was successful.
Operation resulted in an error.


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