dt-gethost(1) command-line test program for the val_gethostbyname() (and related)


dt-gethost [options] name


This utility is a command-line wrapper around the val_gethostbyname() (and related) functions. It invokes the val_gethostbyname(), val_gethostbyname_r() and val_gethostbyname2() functions for the given command-line arguments and displays the returned hostent, the validation status value, and the value of the h_errno variable.

The exit status for this program is 1 if the answer received is trusted, 2 if the answer received is validated, and -1 for an error. The program returns 0 if no validation was performed or if the result was neither trusted nor validated. The trusted and validated status values are obtained using the val_istrusted() and val_isvalidated() functions from libval(3).


-r, --reentrant
Use the re-entrant query interface.
-f, --family=[AF_INET|AF_INET6]
Use the specified address family for the query.
-o, --output=<debug-level>:<dest-type>[:<dest-options>]
<debug-level> is 1-7, corresponding to syslog levels ALERT-DEBUG <dest-type> is one of file, net, syslog, stderr, stdout <dest-options> depends on <dest-type>
    file:<file-name>   (opened in append mode)
    net[:<host-name>:<host-port>] (
    syslog[:facility] (0-23 (default 1 USER))
-h, --help
Display the help and exit.




Copyright 2005-2013 SPARTA, Inc. All rights reserved. See the COPYING file included with the DNSSEC-Tools package for details.


Abhijit Hayatnagarkar, Suresh Krishnaswamy, Robert Story