dvsource-alsa(1) audio source for DVswitch


dvsource-alsa [OPTIONS] [-s ntsc|pal] [-r 48000|32000|44100] [DEVICE]


dvsource-alsa uses ALSA to capture audio and sends it to

DVswitch together with a dummy video stream.

The optional DEVICE argument is a PCM device name. See for an explanation of these names.


-h, --host=HOST
-p, --port=PORT
Specify the network address on which DVswitch is listening. The host address may be specified by name or as an IPv4 or IPv6 literal.
-s, --system=ntsc|pal
Specify the video system to use. This must match the system used by DVswitch. The default is "pal".
-d, --rate=48000|32000|44100
Specify the sample rate, in Hz. The default is 48000.
-d, --delay=DELAY
Specify the time by which audio should be delayed, in seconds. The delays in live audio and video sources need to be closely matched in order that the audio and video signals will be synchronised in the output of DVswitch. The default is 0.2.


Ben Hutchings <[email protected]>.