dwww(1) access documentation via WWW


dwww program-name | package-name


A typical Linux system has documentation in many formats (manual pages, info files, READMEs, and so on). dwww makes it possible to access all of these via the same interface, a WWW browser. This makes it easier to use the documentation.

To use dwww, load the URL given in the SYNOPSIS. If you have a web browser installed, you can also just run the dwww command which loads the URL. If BROWSER environment variable is set, dwww uses sensible-browser(1) to load the URL. Otherwise, dwww first tries to use browser specified by DWWW_BROWSER or DWWW_X11_BROWSER configuration variable (cf. dwww(7)), than will use sensible-browser(1) command.

If optional argument program-name or package-name is specified, dwww will search all documentation related to given program or package.


Program used to load the above mentioned URL.


Configuration file for dwww.


Lars Wirzenius <[email protected]>. Modified by Robert Luberda <[email protected]>.
Bugs should be reported via the Debian Bug Tracking System at <URL:http://bugs.debian.org/>.

dwww is licensed via the GNU General Public License. While it has been written for Debian, porting it to other systems is strongly encouraged.