dzen2-dbar(1) simple gadget that you can use in combination with dzen to display a progressbar.


dzen2-dbar [-w characters] [-s symbol] [-min minvalue] [-max maxvalue] [-l string] [-nonl]


is an application that generates semi graphical progress meters, from some values you supply to it.

See the usage examples for a description of the expected input format.


A summary of options is included below.
Value to be considered 100% (default: 100)
Value to be considered 0% (default: 0)
Number of charcaters to be considered 100% in the bar (default: 25 )
Symbol represeting the percentage value in the bar (default: = )
label to be prepended to the bar (default: '' )
no new line, don't put ' at the end of the bar (default: do print ')


Static 0% and 100% mark or single value input:
Command: echo 25 | dzen2-dbar -m 100 -l Sometext
Output: Sometext 25% [====== ]
If your 100% mark changes dynamically or 2-values input:
Command: echo "50 150" | dzen2-dbar
Output: 33% [======== ]
If your value range is not between [0, maxval] or 3-values input:
Command: echo "50 -25 150" | dzen2-dbar
Output: 43% [=========== ]


Dbar was written by Robert Manea.

This manual page was written by bertagaz <[email protected]>, for the Debian project (but may be used by others).