ecofind(1) searching for taxonomic and rank and taxonomy id for given regular expression patterns


ecoPCR is an electronic PCR software developed by LECA and Helix-Project. It helps to estimate Barcode primers quality.

This program belongs to the exoPCR package.


ecofind [options] <patterns>


-a : [A]ll enable the search on all alternative names and not only scientific names.
-d : [D]atabase containing the taxonomy.
To match the expected format, the database has to be formated first by the program located in the tools directory. Write the database radical without any extension.
-h : [H]elp - print <this> help
-l : [L]ist all taxonomic rank available for -r option
-P : [P]ath : add a column containing the full path for each displayed taxon
-p : [P]arents : specifiying this option displays all parental tree's information for the given taxid.
-r : [R]estrict to given taxonomic rank
-s : [S]ons: specifiying this option displays all subtree's information for the given taxid.
-P : Display taxonomic [P]ath as suplementary column in output
<taxon> name pattern bearing regular expressions