ecogrep(1) filtering ecoPCR result based on taxonomic id filter and regular expression pattern


ecogrep [options] filename


ecoPCR is an electronic PCR software developed by LECA and Helix-Project. It helps to estimate Barcode primers quality.

This program belongs to the exoPCR package.


-1 : [FIRST] : compare the given pattern with direct strand oligonucleotide
: [SECOND] : compare the given pattern with reverse strand oligonucleotide
: [D]atabase containing taxonomic information
: [E]rrors : max error allowed in pattern match (option-1, -2 and -p) (0 by default)
: [P]attern : oligonucleotide pattern
: [H]elp : print <this> help
: [I]gnore subtree under given taxonomic id
: [R]estrict search to subtree under given taxomic id
: in[V]ert the sense of matching, to select non-matching lines.
ecoPCR output file name