ecp(1) eC Precompiler (Symbol File Generator)


ecp will parse the eC source file specified in input and generate a list of symbols.



-o output The location and name for the output intermediate C file

(Defaults to the input path with the .ec extension replaced by .sym, concatenated to the directory specified by symbolsdir, or current working directory if none is specified. If any directory in the output path does not exist, it will not be created and no file will be written.)

Intermediate Directory

-symbols symbols-dir

The default output location for symbols file (.sym) if no output is specified


-t target-platform

Where target-platform is one of: win32 linux apple (Ignored for ecp)

Toolchain Options

-cpp C-preprocessor

Which C preprocessor to use (defaults to gcc)

Namespace Options

-defaultns default-namespace

   Assume all classes and namespaces defined in source file are within the namespace default-namespace. This does not affect constructs defined with the default access mode, which are non-mangled and C compatible.

   Do not automatically resolve constructs within namespaces and sub-namespaces. All classes, functions and defines must be explicitly qualified with their full namespaces.

Understood C Flags


-isystem|-isysroot sysincludedir