efisiglist(1) utility for managing UEFI signature lists


efisiglist [-?] [-o|--outfile=<outfile>] [-a|--add] [-r|--remove]
        [-h|--hash=<hash>] [-t|--hash-type=<hash-type>]
        [-c|--certificate=<certfile>] [-?|--help] [--usage]


efisiglist is a command line utility for management of UEFI signature lists in detached files. That is, it's for command line generation and management of files in the format of KEK, DB, and DBX.


-o, --outfile=<outfile>
output filename

-a, --add
add hash or certificate to list

-r, --remove
remove hash or certificate from list

-h, --hash=<hash>
hash value to add

-t, --hash-type=<hash-type>
hash type to add (default: "sha256")

-c, --certificate=<certfile>
certificate to add

Options implemented via popt alias/exec:

Help options:

-?, --help
Show this help message
Display brief usage message