elastix(1) perform image registration


elastix mandatory-args [optional-args]


elastix registers a moving image to a fixed image. The registration-process is specified in the parameter file.


Call elastix from the command line with mandatory arguments:
-f fixed image
-m moving image
-out output directory
-p parameter file, elastix handles 1 or more "-p"

Optional extra commands:

-fMask mask for fixed image
-mMask mask for moving image
-t0 parameter file for initial transform
-priority set the process priority to high or belownormal (Windows only)
-threads set the maximum number of threads of elastix

The parameter-file must contain all the information necessary for elastix to run properly. That includes which metric to use, which optimizer, which transform, etc. It must also contain information specific for the metric, optimizer, transform, ... For a usable parameter-file, see the website.