electrum(1) Lightweight bitcoin client


electrum [options] command [options]


Electrum is a lightweight bitcoin client.
Electrum protects from losing bitcoins in a backup mistake or computer failure. It allows recovery of wallet from a passphrase which you can learn by heart or write it down on a paper.
Since electrum does not download the entire bitcoin block chain there is no waiting time when the client is started.

-g GUI, --gui=GUI
Select user interface, possible values are qt, lite, gtk or text
Use wallet from WALLET_PATH, default is electrum.dat.
-o, --offline
Remain offline.
-a, --all
Show all addresses.
-b, --balance
Show the balance of listed addresses
-l, --labels
Show the labels of listed addresses
-f TX_FEE, --fee=TX_FEE
set tx fee
-F FROM_ADDR, --fromad

set source address for payto/mktx. if it isn't in the wallet, it will ask for the private key unless supplied in the format public_key:private_key. It's not saved in the wallet.

-c CHANGE_ADDR, --changeaddr=CHANGE_ADDR

set the change address for payto/mktx. default is a spare address, or the source address if it's not in the wallet.

-s SERVER, --server=SERVER
set server host:port:protocol, where protocol is t or h
-p PROXY, --proxy=PROXY
set proxy [type:]host[:port], where type is socks4,socks5 or http
-v, --verbose
show debugging information
-P, --portable
portable wallet
defaut language used in GUI
-u, --usb
Turn on support for hardware wallets (EXPERIMENTAL).


Electrum client was initially written by ThomasV <thomasv@gitorious>
This manual page was written by Vasudev Kamath <[email protected]> for Debian Project (but can be used by others).