eliloader(1) XenAPI's bootloader for EL-based guests


eliloader [install-repository:] [install-vnc:] [install-vncpassword:] [install-round:] [install-distro:] [install-arch:]


install-repository: Required. Path to a repository; 'http', 'https', or 'nfs'. Should be specified as would be used by the target installer, not including prefixes, e.g. method=.
install-vnc: Default: false. Use VNC where available during the installation.
install-vncpasswd: Default: empty. The VNC password to use, when providing one is possible via the command-line of the target distro.
install-round: Default: 1. The current bootloader round. Not to be edited by the user.
install-distro: Default: 'rhlike'. The general distribution type. Currently supported values are 'rhlike', 'sleslike', and 'debianlike'.
install-arch: Default: i386. The architecture to install.


Probably ;) Please report bugs to the [email protected] mailing list.


Simon Rowe <[email protected]>