Eliom_react.Up(3) Up events are quite different from Down events.


Module Eliom_react.Up


Module Up
 :  sig end

Up events are quite different from Down events. Because of the asymmetrical nature of web programming and because of the reactive model used, an Up event must be created on the server and wrapped into a callback (or something the client can build a callback with).

type 'a t

The type of events that, while being "on the server", are triggered by clients. On the server such an event is /primitive/ (hence the create function) whereas it is /effect-full/ on the client.

val to_react : 'a t -> 'a React.E.t

to_react e injects the up events e into react events so that it can be manipulated as a standard event.

val create : ?scope:Eliom_common.scope -> ?name:string -> ('a, [ `WithoutSuffix ], [ `One of 'a Eliom_parameter.caml ] Eliom_parameter.param_name) Eliom_parameter.params_type -> 'a t

create param creates an Up event. If ~name is present, the coservice used to transmit the event will always have the same name, even if the server is restarted. ~scope describes the visibility of the event. By default, it is `Site if it is called during initialisation, `Client_process otherwise.