Email::MIME::Header(3) the header of a MIME message


version 1.937


This object behaves like a standard Email::Simple header, with the following changes:
  • the "header" method automatically decodes encoded headers if possible
  • the "header_raw" method returns the raw header; (read only for now)
  • stringification uses "header_raw" rather than "header"

Note that "header_set" does not do encoding for you, and expects an encoded header. Thus, "header_set" round-trips with "header_raw", not "header"! Be sure to properly encode your headers with "Encode::encode('MIME-Header', $value)" before passing them to "header_set".

Alternately, if you have Unicode (character) strings to set in headers, use the "header_str_set" method.



This software is copyright (c) 2004 by Simon Cozens and Casey West.

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