Email::Sender::Role::CommonSending(3) the common sending tasks most Email::Sender classes will need


version 1.300021


Email::Sender::Role::CommonSending provides a number of features that should ease writing new classes that perform the Email::Sender role. Instead of writing a "send" method, implementors will need to write a smaller "send_email" method, which will be passed an Email::Abstract object and envelope containing "from" and "to" entries. The "to" entry will be guaranteed to be an array reference.

A "success" method will also be provided as a shortcut for calling:


A few other minor details are handled by CommonSending; for more information, consult the source.

The methods documented here may be overridden to alter the behavior of the CommonSending role.



This method is passed a scalar and is expected to return an Email::Abstract object. You probably shouldn't override it in most cases.


This method is passed a hashref and returns a new hashref that should be used as the envelope passed to the "send_email" method. This method is responsible for ensuring that the to entry is an array.


  return $self->success;

This method returns a new Email::Sender::Success object. Arguments passed to this method are passed along to the Success's constructor. This is provided as a convenience for returning success from subclasses' "send_email" methods.


Ricardo Signes <[email protected]>


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