Email::Sender::Transport(3) a role for email transports


version 1.300021


Email::Sender::Transport is a Moo role to aid in writing classes used to send mail. For the most part, its behavior comes entirely from the role Email::Sender::Role::CommonSending, which it includes. The important difference is that Transports are often intended to be used by Email::Sender::Simple, and they provide two methods related to that purpose.

First, they provide an "allow_partial_success" method which returns true or false to indicate whether the transport will ever signal partial success.

Second, they provide an "is_simple" method, which returns true if the transport is suitable for use with Email::Sender::Simple. By default, this method returns the inverse of "allow_partial_success".

It is imperative that these methods be accurate to prevent Email::Sender::Simple users from sending partially successful transmissions. Partial success is a complex case that almost all users will wish to avoid at all times.


Ricardo Signes <[email protected]>


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