Email::Send::NNTP(3) Post Messages to a News Server


use Email::Send;
my $mailer = Email::Send->new({mailer => 'NNTP'});

$mailer->mailer_args([Host => '']);



This is a mailer for "Email::Send" that will post a message to a news server. The message must be formatted properly for posting. Namely, it must contain a Newsgroups: header. At least the first invocation of "send" requires a news server arguments. After the first declaration the news server will be remembered until such time as you pass another one in.


Current maintainer: Ricardo SIGNES, <[email protected]>.

Original author: Casey West, <[email protected]>.


  Copyright (c) 2004 Casey West.  All rights reserved.
  This module is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
  under the same terms as Perl itself.